Thursday, July 24, 2008

Learning to Love My Hair

When I moved to VA, I had to do some stocking up. There are things that don't make sense to bring along if you are moving across the country...Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, a Plunger, Coffee Filters, etc. Just make a run to the store and restock. It is so much easier than moving those type of things 3000 miles. This includes toiletries...right? I mean, do you really want to bring along that $8 Jumbo Conditioner from Costco when you can get a new one for, well $8? Of course not.

So, when I moved out to P-Towne, day 2 included me heading to the grocery store to buy mustard, hot sauce, mayo, ketchup, eggs, bread, conditioner, shampoo, etc...

Shampoo. Yes, it was put into my cart. I even got a deal. 2 bottles for the price of 1. It was Vanilla Coconut scented (wish it included that flavoring!!). It was great!

Little did I know, Claire did not like this so, the smell was fine, it was the buying shampoo and conditioner that made her look at me cross-eyed. I, of course, did not know this until a few weeks after. I just liked the way my hair smelled. I felt pretty...strike that last comment...I felt manly. Claire, just thought it was stupid.

What? Huh?

The evening I found out was a romantic one. I went over to her apartment to find that she had prepared me a nice dinner, complete with wine AND dessert. She even had candles.

The conversation was light hearted and fun. We laughed. We teased. We flirted. The food was great, the dessert amazing and the bottle of wine was perfect. We got to the end of the meal and just as I was sitting back in my chair, reveling at what an amazing woman I was dating, she leans in and says that she "has something important to show me." I smile, knowing that she bought me some cool present like a flat screen TV or a new motorcycle...

She took me by the hand, led me to the bathroom and opened a drawer. Inside, there were hundreds of bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I then came to realize why she felt me buying a bottle of shampoo or two was a waste. See, she and I travel a lot for our jobs. We usually stay in pretty nice hotels that have very nice amenities. So, for the past year or two, she has been gathering up all the nice bottles of shampoo/conditioner, bringing them home and saving some cash...not to mention using some pretty frigg'n nice shampoo on the cheap.

When I say this drawer was full, I mean it. It had to be rearranged to close it. The hinges on the drawer were bending. The wood at the bottom started to bow. This drawer had shampoo from around the world. This drawer was Shampoo mecca.

I quietly slid the drawer closed as she averted her eyes. She was embarrassed.

I grabbed her by the hand, nudged her chin up so that she could look me in the eyes and I told her "I love your shampoo drawer. I will never buy shampoo again."


I ran out of my two bottles of Vanilla Coconut scented shampoo two weeks ago. I called Claire, met her at her place, had a romantic dinner, lead her to the bathroom and asked if I could have some bottles of shampoo. She happily obliged.

I now have 47 bottles of Bvlgari, Bumble and Bumble, Kerastase Bain and Alterna Ten , to name a few.

My hair thanks Claire.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Sharing a drawer full of teeny shampoos with your loved one...

Now that's true love!

Hallie :)

kimmy said...

Kerastase is my all time favorite shampoo. My husbands's cousin is a hairdresser. She lives in Italy, and when we visit she gives me all kinds of stuff!

BTW - I am in awe of Claire! I usually take the bottles of shampoo and conditioner too, but her collection sounds too good to be true!


for a different kind of girl said...

You are so lucky. When my husband travels, he stays at less than great hotels, then brings home the cheap bottles of cheaper shampoo. When he leaves again, I get rid of them. Don't get me started on the thin wafers of soap he brings home, too!

You, your hair and Claire are clearly meant to be!

Schell Family said...

awwwww.......(does that sound sincere?)

rs27 said...

Taking shampoo? I will not stand by this petty crime!

I took like 37 towels from the Wynn Las Vegas once.

Laura B. said...

Wuv....trew wuv....means sharing your hotel shampoos and conditioners. ;-)

Katelin said...

haha that is awesome, claire is so resourceful.

The Charming Hedonist said...

Teeny shampoo. I dig it.

Becky said...


That is a riot.

I always forget to bring those dumb things home! ;)

The Maid

Practically Joe said...

Your hair smells pretty.