Monday, July 7, 2008

Pooling Spit

Sitting here drooling on my computer keyboard after an early morning call to the dentist...I hate going to the dentist...really hate it when I have to drool for 4 hours after the visit.

Best part is that I get to go back in 3 weeks for a "routine" cleaning. That should be fun.


I think I know why dentists traditionally have the highest suicide rate of any profession.


Claire and I had an amazing weekend...will give the rundown later this week with some pictures, but it included a AAA baseball game, boating with people we did not know, shopping in Washington D.C., staying on a military base/NASA Launch site called Wallops Island and cruising the Eastern Shore. It was a great 3 days.


Thank you all for the kind words on my post about Mandy. She really was great...and yes, KP, that summer seems like forever and a day ago.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Boating with strangers? Sounds interesting....

Hallie :)

rs27 said...

I hate when the dentist puts that air thing in your mouth.

I don't need no more air.

Katelin said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend. glad you had fun!

April said...

I am not a fan of going to the dentist. But it's not about the pain. It's about that unflattering bright light shining on my face. I just know they can see every pore, every unwanted hair. And they just don't appreciate it when you hand them tweezers and say "Well, since you are already there..."

Debra W said...


That is why I always go for the Nitrous. It sends me to the happy place, so at least I am able to take a little vacation with my dentist visit!

Can't wait to hear about all of your fun! Oh, and to answer your question about the TP clean-up, my mother-in-law was still staying with us, so she decided to clean up the low stuff. The high stuff(those boys could really throw!), not as easy...


Katie said...

I didn't used to mind the dentist, now they harrass me about flossing and getting my kid to stop sucking his thumb...I leave my appointments feeling the need to self medicate with food. But then I'd just need to floss more, so I end up giving up altogether.

During my most recent trip, they treated me like my mouth was rotting. Everyone who looked at my chart had a look of horror, asking if how often floss and if I brush twice a day. AS IF! Their guilt worked...I've flossed every day since my appointment. I'll show THEM!

Becky said...

I am a dentiphobe.

I am afraid of the day when they say they will have to pull out each and every tooth and I will be wearing dentures...I can already picture the bitter beer face.

Please...not that!

I recently went to the dentist and had to ask for prayer from a gazillion different people. :)

Yes I am.
The Maid