Friday, October 19, 2007

From CA to VA...Bogarting in P Towne

Why would a San Diego native and SoCal junkie pick up and leave everything behind to move across the country...and why P-Towne (Olde Towne Portsmouth) exactly? Well, let me answer your question with a question...What two things make a man pick up and leave everything he knows and is comfortable with?

Queue Jeopardy music.....

What is his job or a woman, Alex?

That is correct sir.

For the record, I did not change jobs. ;-)

And since just about everyone I know lives 3000 miles away on the left coast, this seems like a great way to document my time and share it with those who want to live vicariously through me or something...So check back from time to time...I will update at least once per week, probably more often, at least at the beginning. I will make sure there are pictures regularly. More than likely this will be terribly boring for anyone who stumbles across this, but if you have lasted reading this long, then maybe the rest will be fun.

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