Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MeMe #2

So I have been tagged again...this time, by Scarlett over at I'm No Belle. This tag is a little different than the last one, so I thought I would play along. Five Material Wishes and Five Spiritual/Meaningful Wishes...these are tough for a couple of reasons...first, I really don't want for many material things. Second, the material things stress me out a bit. If it costs more than two or three hundred dollars, I spend a ridicules amount of time thinking and researching and pondering and rethinking and double-checking and discussing and thinking some more. It is a lot of work and it is best that I spend my time doing other things. Third, I have a theory, that outside of a car or house, if it costs more than $500, I am probably better off renting it. Why don't I have a boat, a kayak, or a jet ski? Because I can rent them very easily, not worry about upkeep, and I get to use the newest and best every time. Finally, while I am all for spirited discussion and have no shame in the admission of my faith, I usually have other outlets for that (like the dinner table, phone, and personal time with others) and have not spent a lot of time expressing those thoughts here...maybe that should change? Anyway, here goes a run...

5 Material Wishes:

1. I would like a nice watch. Yes, I have some good looking watches. I have two watches that I wear out to nice meals and client meetings, but I would like to have what my buddy "Mongo" calls a "Timepiece". Claire and I love to look at watch magazines, going through each page and critiquing each watch. I hope to eventually find the one that speaks to me, have the ability, and then pull the trigger on buying it. Until then, I will have to sit back and wish...

2. I would like to become a homeowner once again. Unfortunately, the house I used to have is no longer mine. I loved that little, 100-year old craftsman home, but it is gone...I can't wait to own again...which brings me to:

3. I want a dog. Is that a material thing? I mean, I do pay for one, right? My last dog was great. She was a black lab, that was well behaved and a lot of fun. It will be fun to have a pooch for walks, trips to the beach, camping, and other miscellaneous dog things. Good thing Claire likes them, eh?

4. I would love to have a big screen, HD, LCD television. My brother has one. My best friends all have them. I don't. There is something wrong with that. I want to see the blades of grass when I watch baseball. I want to see how cool the Discovery Channel stuff looks with that Liquid Crystal Display. I want to see how good that food really looks when I watch Iron Chef. I want my HD LCD.

5. A few years ago, I found out that there are passes that Major League Baseball gives out that allows the holder to go to any game, in any city, at any time. That would be soooo cool. As a freaky baseball fan, I would be a happy, happy camper if I could have something like that.

5 Spiritual/Meaningful Wishes

1. I wish I was better at living out my faith on a daily basis.

2. I wish that when someone is identified as a Christian, it is not automatically assumed that they are closed minded, judgmental, and/or angry.

3. I wish that mental illness was treated and accepted the same as other diseases. I know the symptoms are different, making it much more difficult in many ways, but that does not mean that it is not real.

4. I wish Christians would really work at understanding what Jesus taught. It is so frustrating to see hate, anger, and joylessness spewed from the mouths of those who claim to follow Christ. Oh, and while we are at it, it would help if they understood that sin is sin. What does that mean? Well, despite what we think, in God's eyes one sin is not worse than any other. Stop railing against homosexuality and start keeping an eye open for lovelessness. Stop preaching against drinking and start including real discussions on joylessness. Stop pretending/thinking that you are better than everyone else and start remembering that Christ came for the sick, the lost and the forgotten. When you lose sight of those things, we run the real risk of becoming Pharisaical. Jesus saved his harshest words for the religious leaders that were acting holier than thou...

5. I wish everyone could learn what it feels like to be truly loved by another person. Not just liked a lot, not just tolerated, or sort of enjoyed, but really, really loved. I know so many people who go through their whole lives without knowing that another person really loves them and that makes me sad. There is nothing like knowing that you are unequivocally and unconditionally loved.

There, that is all I got. Now, I have to go take a nap cause I am sick and all this thinking has taken every last bit of energy I had.


WILLIAM said...

A major league Pass? Really? They exist?

Bogart in P Towne said...

Yes, they do. I know that some POW's have gotten them, some politicians have them, and other important people have been known to carry them. How cool is that?!

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I say "Amen" to #4 on your spiritual list!!!

Also, if we lived closed to each other, you and your lady could come over and we could talk about how much we miss our old houses. Doesn't that sound like a fun night?

♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said...

im down with it all....

im so proud of you and Scarlett for putting the Christian spin out there like you guys did....I wish for more people to read those from you guys and get a clue!

;-) amen!

Bogart in P Towne said...

Scarlett -- Thanks. I am sure it would be an evening of boobie bumps (for you and Claire, of course) and long distance hi-fives from me and BD.

a-licious -- Thanks...Call me old fashioned, but I think it is best to know and understand what you claim to follow.

kpellatiro said...

Does anyone else wonder how the guy with this list learned how to perfect the shaving cream trick? No? Seriously - just me?

(I love you, this is a joke. Funny... ha ha)