Friday, February 8, 2008

Ah the rigors of travel...

Sorry for the week without a post...I have been traveling...Vegas for a Wedding last Saturday, then spent the weekend with Claire's family, showing them around Sin City...we really had a great time and did many things...I will share details in the coming days along with pictures!


Thanks so much for the kind words regarding my buddy's little son, Matthew. It was so appreciated...really strikes me that we have developed a community that really cares for one another, despite the fact that most of us would not recognize one another if we bumped into each other.


I will be in California for the rest of the week...checking out the old haunt and showing Claire around SoCal...Sunny and 70 is forecast...WOOOHOOO.

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kpellatiro said...

Have a good time in SD! It's thirty something here :-)

Just shot a 42 with Mark two days ago though... (it was 50 something, oy)