Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cool Dates and Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky is expensive. Pound for pound, it typically costs more than Filet Mignon or a nice Ribeye...

Enter the Dollar Store in New Orleans (Thanks to Claire's mom/sisters). Oh yea. 1.5 ounces of Premium Beef Jerky (Product of Argentina) for $1...yes, ONE DOLLAR.

Suck on that Costco.


Speaking of Costco, I ate lunch there yesterday with Claire. I would love to see their profit margin. I mean seriously, we split a hot dog, a piece of supreme pizza, and a coke and it cost $3. I have paid more than that for one dog. I love that place. Now, if they could only find some $1 jerky.


How cool am I, taking my Lady Friend to lunch at Costco? Best Boyfriend Ever.


Went to a bar last night and played NTN trivia. I have not done that since college. Claire and I had a blast! Yes, I can confirm the rumors that she did beat me in the first game. She ran away with it with the last lightening round. Luckily, I smoked her in the second game. Whew, ego intact.

But I do have one concern. It needs to be prefaced with the line "I am not a smoker." Sure, I enjoy an occasional cigar and might have snuck a cigarette or two in my lifetime, but I have never smoked with any regularity and frankly find it a bit stinky. But last night, Claire and I are sitting at the bar, enjoying our wings, a libation, and NTN and the two guys next to us are sucking down Marlboros like they were running towards a finish right after the other they lit up. And a funny thing happened...I started to want one.

I used to know that feeling...when I was in college, I was a bouncer. This was back in the day when you could smoke in a building in Cali...I would work Friday and Saturday nights, 6-10 hours, surrounded by smoke. After work was over for the week, I would go through withdrawls. I craved cigarettes and by Tuesday or Wednesday, I would be having the shakes and would clammour for just one little hit of tobacco. After that fit would subside, usually Wednesday afternoon, I was cool again. Problem was, two days later I would start the whole cycle over.

I wonder if that is what happened last night. A subconcious call for a hit of tobacco from the days with I did(n't) smoke.


No mom, I did not smoke a cigarette last night, but I might have a cigar this weekend. :-)


By the way, all is right with the world. Pitchers and Catchers reported last week, position players showed up this week, and baseball highlights are back on ESPN. I love me some baseball.


WILLIAM said...

Holy cow. $1 BEEF JERKY? I like beef jerky but never get it beause it is so expensive.

You wokred as bouncer? wow. I managed Nightclubs for ten years and every now and then I crave the smoke filled bars.

Ok, Where Was I? said...

You are one brave soul, eating $1 beef jerky.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

First, you clearly nake 6 tv shows when I expressly said 2. (although SCRUBS rocks)

And then you talk glowingly about eating smoked, dried beef in a bag.

Watch the movie MOTEL HELL - you will not eat jerky EVER AGAIN.


Girl in a Guy's World said...

Ooooh, jerky. Best. Stuff. Ever.

for a different kind of girl said...

I've yet to leave Costco after we've eaten there as a family and not told anyone I encounter "HEY! I just fed a family of four for $6 and you can, too!"

It is magical and I may love it. A lot.

My husband and sons love beef jerky, but I'm always telling them no, we must save our money for Costco dinners and other groceries! We can't go being all fancy! Now, however, armed with this knowledge, I can make them happy again! I'm hitting the dollar store this weekend!

Katelin said...

I love that you took the lady friend to Costco for lunch, haha.

And woo baseball, I can't wait.

Amy said...

got to love those dollar stores!!! though my husband won't let me by toothpast there. he thinks its all knock-offs and perhaps laced with i don't know! a bit paranoid, perhaps!

baseball rocks! what time are ya routing for? red socks all the way!!!

Bogart in P Towne said...

William - I died and went to heaven...and yes, I was a bouncer. Boots, handcuffs, and a teal shirt. Sounds like I was a porn star.

OK - You would be surprised what I am willing to eat.

WWOW - Sorry, and I get bonus b/c Scrubs is so good.

GGW - Preach on sista...

DKG - I love me some Costco...and the dollar store changed my life

Katelin - Baseball makes me happy. How is SoCal? I sorta miss it.

Amy - I follow my San Diego Padres like it was a religion...and in the American League I regularly wear my red shirt and blue hat, both shouting something about Boston. Woohooo.