Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Recap

Had a great Thanksgiving weekend…I think I ate enough to feed Ghana for a week. Claire made this blueberry coffee cake on Thursday morning…WOW WEE that girl can bake! So we sat on the floor, drank coffee, ate this blueberry cake, and had a great morning.

Started cooking at 830 that morning…full spread too. 18lb turkey, yiftee’s, garlic mashed potatoes…which of course started a discussion that I would love some input on. Do you all like your mashed potatoes creamy or lumpy?

Anyway, we had friends over to my apartment…ate a couple rounds of food…watched football, napped, watched more football, took another nap, went to a friends house and should have taken another nap…all-in-all a good day.

Did the obligatory shopping on Friday…did score some sweet deals at Macy’s and Dick’ a $4 coffee pot at Wal-Mart.

Claire and I ran/walked 15.5 miles on Saturday. Actually felt good doing it after it warmed up. There was a wind-chill in the mid-30’s when we started running. My legs were blue…I looked like the world’s biggest smurf. Later that night, went to some friends…watched college football and Live Free or Die Hard…fun movie.

Flew to Cali on Sunday…where I sit, 5am writing this. I guess going East to West really allows me to get a jump on the day or something…

Can’t wait to get home, finish the Christmas decorating, buy a tree, and get in the general mood…Been listening to Christmas music since Friday. Gotta say, that things are going well. Now, where are the leftovers?

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