Monday, November 19, 2007

Loose Ends

I hate story lines in movies that never get finished...Claire and I went out to the Commodore Theater with some friends on Saturday. We had a really good time, but the movie, while decent, really left us a bit disappointed. First, it is never a good sign to be looking at your watch wondering how much longer until the end. Second, they just left way to many loose ends...without giving anything away, there were two major plot points that were important, but we were just left to hang on. I hate that.

With that in mind, a few things I feel I should wrap up:

1. A good general rule when traveling, never buy clothes in a high-end hotel when you are on the road. In Memphis, I ran out of dress socks, so I needed to buy two more pairs for my upcoming meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday. The smart thing to do would have been to ask the concierge if there was a mall close (there was one within 150 yards of the hotel) and shop at a normal retailer. Instead, I, being a moron, walked into the men's clothing store that Elvis shopped in and plopped down $40 for 2 pairs of socks. FORTY BUCKS!! If I was not so weird about wearing dirty socks, I would have just sucked it up. Maybe I need to go to counseling for this sock problem.

2. I mentioned here that I went to see Man of La Mancha...actually, Claire and I went. It was bad, I did something I have only done once, walked out in the middle of the performance. No, we did not wait for intermission...we stood up and walked out right in the middle of the first act. The lead actor sounded like Movie Phone guy and the rest of the cast was brutal. I think I did a better job singing than those actors did.

3. In Vegas last weekend, James, Pops and I saw the Cirque show KA at the MGM. We had a great time, but I would not recommend it. There are so many other Cirque shows that are better.

4. The day spa we went to while in Vegas was at Caesar's...very nice place! Ranks right up there with the Mandalay Bay spa. James and I mused that if we were really adventurous, we would simply get a group of guys together, not get a hotel, but rather stay out all night and then rest/sleep/relax at the spa all day. It is cheaper than getting a room, there are places to sleep and refresh, plus showers, shaving, and cologne for the night out. Wish I would have thought of that in college!

5. Claire found a very cool church last week and I had a chance to join her this Sunday...I think it may just become our Sunday morning home...Going to take the new member's class beginning in 2 weeks. She also found that there is a small group on Thursday nights that is based on cooking and fellowship...What Would Jesus Eat...We are so all over that!


Saw Dan in Real Life last night...really enjoyed that movie. Always a good thing when they can produce a movie that is entertaining, funny, and clean. Seems like it takes more talent to create those movies well. So many good movies are ruined by needless/constant cursing or random sex scenes. Please don't read me wrong...if it makes sense and has a reason to be in there, no worries...insert it and make a good flick, but don't just stick it in there for the sake of sticking it in there.

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