Friday, November 30, 2007

Bit Parts and Whatnot

Claire and I had a brief discussion last night...thought it was interesting enough to share with my 3 loyal readers...

We are taking a class about the new church we just started going to...trying to learn about why it does what it does and what it believes...last night, they broke us up into 3 groups to read three different parts of the NT...I was part of the group that discussed "The Road to Emmaus" and Claire's group went over "Saul's Conversion".

The beautiful woman that I spend most of my time with made the observation that there are a couple of "minor characters" that show up in many Bible stories that you never get to hear what happened to.

The discussion then went on to include something that sounded many times, a minor player or a person playing a bit part is mentioned, but nothing is followed-up on. This is not to mean that they were not important, but rather that their story is not the focus. These characters are VERY important and, like John 6 or Acts 9, many of the "bigger" things would not have happened without them.

In the church, there are so many bit players that we know so little about. Sure, we know who gives the message or who leads the music, but do we know who sets up the chairs in the morning? Who sharpens the pencils that we use to take notes? Who made sure that the floor was vacuumed before we came in? All important things that do not get the spotlight...

Basically, we can never forget that minor does not equal unimportant. Minor is just not prominent...usually it is every bit as essential as the one that gets the spotlight. I am pretty sure they would not have been included unless their role was significant enough to mention. I mean seriously, do you think Saul/Paul could have made it to Damascus without the two guys leading him there? Dude was blind and in no condition to lead himself...sure they play a minor part, but it is an essential one.

I love that my "Lady Friend" notices details that many gloss over. It is good to relook at things we have thought we understood in a new light.


Made me wonder if those two people who led Saul/Paul to Damascus had kids or grandkids. How cool would it be for them to point to Acts 9 and say, "See that guy carrying Saul? That was my dad/grandpa/uncle/brother/etc."

Yea...that would be kinda cool.

**The painting is by Caravaggio, one of my favorite Baroque artists. Sure, he was wacked and like little boys, but he sure could paint a mean picture!**

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Scarlett Wanna Be said...

One of my favorite stories that include the "minor players" is the story of the friends and the paralytic. I have also loved reading about the passion and determination of the friends. For some reason, it always makes me want to cry. This past week in my bible study, we focused on this very story. I never noticed before but Jesus recognizes that faith of the friends. Just goes to show that our faith is recognized when it comes to the ones we love. I doubt the healed paralytic considered his friends minor and yet we never know their names.

I enjoyed this post. I have had a heart for the minors for about two years now.