Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dialing Puerto Rico

787...I raised my hands in triumph.

787...not my ideal weight.

787...not just an airplane made by Boeing.

787...not just an area code in Puerto Rico.

Seven Hundred and Eight Seven...I had just won the bet.


Claire and I were at the car dealership on Saturday, working out the financing portion of our new Subaru Forester. We asked the dealer if he could share our scores.

Claire and I then made a $1 bet that my score would be within 12 points of hers if it mine was lower...I figured it would be lower since if you are born with a dumb stick, you get docked points on your really, you do. I am the guy, therefore I have a little lower score.

The dealer pulls out his calculator, plugs in the numbers and smiles. He looks at me and says that I got Claire by 32 points...THIRTY TWO POINTS!!!

I might have done the sprinkler in his office. Okay, I did, but I did NOT do the worm, although I was tempted.


He then dropped the news that I actually lost the was hers that was in 819.

787...might be a good credit score a herculean score. wife's new nick-name.

819...787...sure they are both good, but one is just a little bit gooder.


MaBunny said...

wow 819 for a credit score? thats fantastic!

Sue said...

I am impressed.

With Claire.

And you, of course.

But more with Claire.

The Charming Hedonist said...

Indeed, Claire is, well, gooder.

WILLIAM said... is not the size that matters...

Katelin said...

haha i'm very impressed with both of you.

JP said...

You should've at least busted out the cabbage patch and running man!

leighann said...

May I have Claire's social security number, please?

*darting eyes*

No reason...

The Maid said...

What does a woman with a commercial real estate husband in one of the nations hardest hit financial markets get?

A credit rap sheet...not a report.

Sadly, I don't think I will ever be over 700 again.

Oh, but kudos for you and Claire...that is awesome! ;) LOL