Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Lady Friend

This weekend Claire and I went to Ocean City Maryland to visit one of her closest friends from College. I will post a few pics later this week, but have been laughing about one incident.

Claire's friend Kelly has a five year-old son Luke. He seems to be a bit smitten with my wife.

Claire was on the back patio, playing with Luke's little sister, Lilly. They were in their swimsuits and Luke had noticed Claire. He turned his head, looked out the window at her, looked back at me and said, "Bogart, I like your lady."

I punched him in the nose.


I don't condone violence, but he looked at her funny.


Okay, I may have exaggerated...I may have actually just laughed a good, deep belly laugh.


WILLIAM said...

She seems to attract the young uns

for a different kind of girl said...

Does this mean Claire's a cougar now?

MaBunny said...

LMAO! good one Luke:)) That might rank right up thee with Nicole asking a lady in line behind us holding hands with her boyfriend " Is that your man"?
I about died laughing - she was 3!!!

Sue said...

Hey, you gotta give the kid credit, at least he has good taste in women!

jocelyn said...

all the little boys like your lady

JP said...

You should have cold cocked him. You have to learn them young to stay away from your woman! Primal caveman reflex (UGGG!!)!