Monday, August 17, 2009

I Can Lift Weights in Prison

This guy has continued his music...recently adding a synthesizer and a microphone. Now he has the steel drums, the keyboard and faux back-up singers. Oh my goodness I am getting tired of hearing him 6-days a week.


The Weight Loss Challenge is going well. The gym has been visited 3-days a week and, outside of communion on Sunday and a certain soccer game last week, I have not touched bread since we left New Orleans.

It will be fun to roll around in all those twenty's like I just hit the jackpot in Vegas!


Anyone know where I can get some cool, tear-away pants for the official weigh-in?


Saturday Claire and I cleaned the house, went to Costco and did misc. chores...yet we had a great day. How cool is that?

Sunday we went to church, spent a few hours at the beach and had a seafood extravaganza at Jon and Lisa's house. Great way to end the weekend!


for a different kind of girl said...

OK, seriously, six days a week with a full on performance would have me going insane and rallying the troops! Kudos to you for putting up with it for as long as you have. Hey! Upside - maybe you can do jumping jacks and such to the rhythm. Get those workouts in where and when you can!

Nashville? said...

Bring back the WORM. For those who haven't witnessed it - Bogie can seriously bring it. Hard to recover from as hard as we laughed at ECPAC years ago sir. AMAZING.

WILLIAM said...

Communion is not really bread you know.