Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bad Jokes and Bacon

I picked up some clothes from the cleaners today.

As I was paying, the dude behind the counter says to me:

"I really like your shirts. They are very nice. If they would have fit me, I would have kept them and told you they were lost in the cleaning process."



Loving the new car, but I hesitated to drive it this morning because my clothes smelled like bacon. Normally, bacon is the greatest smell you will get to enjoy during the day, but the thought of ruining the new car smell in the Forester was making me worry about getting in the driver's seat.


Received my shipment of Bacon Salt today.

'cause everything should taste like bacon!


April said...

At least you are a guy and he was telling you that. I switched dry cleaners when mine said that about my pencil skirt and cropped swing jacket. Creepy.

Patience said...

Dang! That means the creepy cleaner guy probably tried on your clothes after they were cleaned!

WILLIAM said...

Imagine if the clothes smelled like bacon when you dropped them off.

Sue said...

Super creepy!

leighann said...

Hey there!

Email me, please, when you get a quick second. Need to ask you a couple questions--I'm thinking about a move, just me & the kids.
Momma Lou figured you could offer a little insight, and I agree!

SO sorry to hear about Claire's grandmother. :(
Yes, let's make plans to all meet up for Labor Day!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You know it's bad when you start dreaming about bread....


JP said...

You'll need to post about all the uses you find for bacon salt

sari said...

I always like the smell of In-N-Out burger....except for the next time I get in my car, it oogs me out.