Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Locks of Yuk

I was listening to NPR yesterday as I drove to the HS Volleyball tryouts (I am coaching again)...they had a weird show that had a guy act as if he is Thomas Jefferson and answers questions about his life. It is a very strange show that has a very strange appeal.

Anyway, the interviewer asked him "If Monticello was going up in flames, what 5 things would you grab?"

He started with his collections of 7000 books. Really?

Then he talked about his 5 journals.

Then he creeped me out. He told the story about his wife dying. Just before she passed away, she wrote out a poem that she knew, leaving the last line blank and then dying. So, TJ finished writing the poem out and took a lock of her hair; he put them both in an envelope and hid it in a secret drawer. He said that would be one of the things that he went into the towering inferno to get back.

I understand some sentimentality about the poem, but the hair thing is just wrong. I then realized that I even get creeped out looking at Claire's baby book and the lock of hair that is in there. I am uncomfortable seeing any lock of hair that people keep for whatever reason.

This discomfort includes the Locks of Love chairity. I love the charity. It is so cool. I just don't want to see that clump-o-hair in the ziplock.

Is it just me or does the idea of a lock of hair creep you out too?


Schell Family said...

I kept my girls hair from their first haircuts...not creepy at all!

MaBunny said...

I have just a few locks from Nicoles first haircut - not gross. Whats gross is pulling hair strands out of drains... THAT grosses me out bigtime....

The Charming Hedonist said...

I once cut off nearly two feet of hair for a Locks of Love type program. We knew the wig maker (she worked up at the Cancer Center where my dad would get chemo), and I actually got to see the wigs my hair made. That was a little creepy, but just hair in general, no.

And Ma, yes, hair in the drain is super gross, even if it's your own.

The Wilson Window said...

OK Bogart- that's an odd thing to be weirded out about. But who am I too judge, right?
I'm gonna have to agree w Ma and CH, hair in the drain is TERRIBLE.
And how could anything about Claire freak you out??? Come on man, this is Claire we're talking about!

Leigh Ann said...

One quick judgment before I comment on the hair: NPR? Are you in your late 70's?

As far as the hair:
I kept my kids' hair. It's adorable and soft, and I love remembering what it was like to see it and touch it and smell it for the first time on their little heads.
Now, that being said, I HATE unattached hair in any other context. Remember the movie "Willow"? When Willow goes off on his adventure, his little midget wife hands him an entire braid? Bound at both ends?
That disgusted me even as a child.

I also had a curly black hair in my pita from Wendys when I was in high school. It became a big joke, and for years, I'd order "A grilled chicken caesar pita, hold the pubes."

Sue said...

It's just you.

WILLIAM said...

Locks of hair are like the amber in Jurasic Park.. it is all for DNA. If something happens to Clair you can make a clone and put her on an island.

JP said...

So when you were a kid, Cousin It on the Adams Family really creeped you out, no? =)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You won $700 in camping equipment!!! CONGRATS!!

I need your address! :)


sari said...

I found a hair under a stack of pancakes at IHOP once.

Once. (ick)

kimmy said...

I get creeped out if I find hair in my food. YUCK!


Debra W said...

2 of my angels donated to Locks of Love, and yes, it was kinda creepy seeing that long braid of hair in a ziploc. Glad it went to a great cause.

Would you hate me if I told you that I still have some of the girls baby teeth? Just askin...