Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trip to Indy

This past weekend, Claire and I flew to Indianapolis for a wedding. I have to say, my thoughts on Indy and the reality of the city were very different...

If you have never been there, close your eyes for a second and picture what you think Indianapolis might be like. Come on, do it. Seriously.

What did you picture?

I pictured something like this:

A run down city that was more farm land and heartland...instead, what I found was this:

A vibrant city full of beautiful sites. A city that embraces the arts. A progressive city with a lot of good food, walking trails and activity.


Claire and I were there for a wedding of some friends. They held it at the newly renovated library...it was a great setting.

The bride wore the dress her mother and grandmother both got married in, cut the cake with the same knife her Grandparents and Aunt/Uncle used to cut the cake on their 50th anniversaries. The cake was made to look like a stack of books and each seat had a brand new book for the guests to take. I think the bride and groom bought the top 300 selling books over the past year and made sure everyone got to take one home.

It really was beautiful.


Of course, Claire and I found time to walk that entire city including the zoo, the botanical gardens, a couple of "wineries" and a few museums. We had a wonderful time!
Did you remember to vote today? If not, get out there and do it. Seriously. What is taking you so long?


MaBunny said...

Oh yeah Indianapolis is a very pretty place to visit. That wedding sounds like a dream to me... a free book? my hats off to the happily , newly married couple on such a wonderful idea:)

for a different kind of girl said...

I had a chance to go to Indianapolis a few weeks ago, but it just didn't work out in the scheme of life. Hopefully I'll get there one day. Looks like you had a lovely time.

The wedding 'theme' sounds fantastic! What a great party favor!

Katelin said...

that wedding sounds so cool and so book filled, i love it! :)

April said...

I LOVE the book idea!! That was wonderful!! And yes, I voted today. And my ten year old is glued to the tv right now watching the results come in. And mad because I won't drive him downtown to Biltmore to McCain's party. I know, I am so mean.

Nashville? said...

Kudos on the wedding favors. Who sat down to Freakonomics?!?! Nice to see Indy, have heard good things from folks here too.

And for Bogart... voted.

Practically Joe said...

This doesn't really sound like a "by the book" wedding.
Then again ... nobody had to buy the book. (well, not the guests anyway)

Stacie said...

I love Indy.

Very cool book idea...glad you both enjoyed yourself...and the weather has been quite nice. :D