Friday, November 21, 2008

Considering Ramen

They say that necessity is the mother of invention...I think it has more to do with boredom, but that is a debate for another blog. Instead, I want to share a little about cooking one of life's most important staples. Ramen. I came across an article about Ramen Noodles and started thinking about all the things Ramen.

My mom eats them while still slightly crunchy...I like them that way too.

My sister boils them, pours off the soup, fries them and then makes them like chow mein.

Claire cooks them, pours off the soup and mixes in mayo.

Then of course there are the Prision Recipes...Cheetos Flavored...Spicy Slam Ramen...Jailhouse Ramen Pizza...Orange Chicken Jail Ramen

How do you eat your Ramen?


Megan said...

As an asian I am partial to ramen (and rice for that matter).

- I will eat it dry with the seasoning packet sprinkled on top of it.
- I will eat it in the original fashion with a dash of cayenne pepper.
- I will eat it with beaten egg swirled around in it.

"Ramen is 10% ramen, 90% love."

Wonderful World of Weiners said... 2 in the morning. When it seems to be the BEST FREAKIN' FOOD IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.


for a different kind of girl said...

Um...20 years ago, in college.


Stacie said...

wow, who knew that Ramen was so diverse.

WILLIAM said...

with a fork.

Schell Family said...

Your God daughter LOVES ramen noodles (you'd be so proud). Currently she eats them cooked all the way with about 1/2 the soup poured off!

I love your sister's idea - might have to try that!

juice said...

Kil-e & shell's scramble eggs in it and cook it together!

MaBunny said...

Hmm, well I havent' eaten Ramen for a very long time. But when I was in school, my mom would pack it in a thermos with a little of the soup, and by lunchtime it would have soaked all the liquid up and I ate just noodles.. they were good that way...

rs27 said...

I put ketchup on ramen.


rs27 said...

I put ketchup on ramen.


JP said...

I am Asian, so I eat it traditionally and with a little togarashi. My wife on the other hand is from the Midwest and she dumps most of the water out, uses 1/2 pack of seasoning and then puts cheese on top of it!!! EEEEEWWWW!!!!

Leigh Ann said...

I ate waaaay too many Ramen in college.
They were cheap and easy.
I was cheap and, I mean...I was broke and lazy.

Freudian slip.

I don't even go down the Ramen aisle in the grocery anymore. Those days are gone.
Now I'm an EasyMac girl.

Nashville? said...

Oh yeah, She's the one (grin).

Katelin said...

i sort of love ramen even though i can afford other stuff now, haha. it was great hangover food in college though. and i eat it pretty much when the noodles are extra soft and ready to go.

BethnJuice said...

Ewwww. Mayo? Seriously? I fully cook mine, then drain off most of the water and mix in the flavor packet. Yummy!