Monday, November 24, 2008

"That's Not Very Funny"

As most of you know (or can tell if you have read my blog long enough), I am a fairly conservative person...not just politics, but also in many of the choices I make in life. Sure, I am an adventurous eater and traveler, I want to skydive, basejump and kite-surf and I like to ride a motorcycle, but I don't know that I have ever really been called is more of a controlled, daring conservative. This includes my is typically clean and tasteful. Usually trending to one-liners, witty retorts or funny least I think they are funny.

However, Claire said to me that one of the things I found funny was clearly "guy humor". No, not GAY humor William, GUY humor. It was a little bit on the risque side and while I found it funny, Claire was not laughing, nor did she take pleasure in my devilish joy.

That reminded me of my mom always insisting that the Three Stooges and Bevis and Butthead were clearly a "guy thing". Which, of course, made me begin thinking about the difference between "Guy Humor" and "Girl Humor" and I know it is more than just how we Experience It.

I think some of the differences could be pointed out best by example...

Girl Humor is the laughter that follows a wise-crack that some fashion guy makes about a woman on America's Next Top Model. Guy humor is the laughter that ensues when said woman falls off of the runway during her turn.

Girl Humor does not find sex, kicking cats or punching each other even the wee-bit humorous. Male Humor is entirely based in some way on one of those three things.

Girl Humor means laughing with Rosie O'Donnell. Guy humor means laughing AT Rosie O'Donnell.

Girl Humor can be catty. Guy humor is almost always downright mean.

Girl Humor rarely appreciates bodily functions. Guy Humor relies on them.

Did I get it right? Did I miss any differences?


MaBunny said...

Hmm Bogart, I am not, nor have I ever been really into fashion, just give me the basics. So I don't find runway humor funny, but I think I would laugh my butt off if one of them fell off the runway. No I don't find bodily function jokes funny, I do find the occasional sex joke that will make me bust out laughing. And while I can be catty at times, I don't like kicking cats , although I don't like them:)( I did hold one down one time and spritz it in the face with a water bottle after it went after my bird - it died of a cold a few weeks later - oops..)
And if my husband thinks he is being funny and punches me in the arm , I haul off and punch him right back:))

for a different kind of girl said...

I think you are spot on in comparing the differences, and I also think that I am deeply entrenched in a fondness for guy humor over girl humor. Except for The Three Stooges. I really don't find that work funny at all.

Nashville? said...


Practically Joe said...

"I so much wish I could place a comment here today."
-Practically Joe

On behalf of Rodney, the Practically Wisdom Blog Team is visiting everyone on the list of BLOGs he follows. He would like you to know that he greatly enjoys reading your posts and commenting on them.

Unfortunately Rodney, sorry, we mean Practically Joe, has been heavily sedated for a long period of time now, following an accident which left him with two broken ribs and a number of minor injuries.

He has been coming along fine and asked the team to post an account of the incident, which was posted on Sunday, 11/23.

We have great expectations that he shall return soon, as good as new. He wishes you and every blogger a Great Thanksgiving Holiday.
For those not in the USA … Have a great week!

Thank You.
The Practically Wisdom Blog Team.

WILLIAM said...

See now this post hase me thinking of how many comments I have left here, where you found it funny and Claire...well. she didn't.

Guy humor follows the comedy trail even if the trail is not someplace a person should go.

rs27 said...

Guy humore is funnier than girl humor.

That's number one.

kimmy said...

Where does Family Guy fit in?
Because I think that show is hysterical. Very wrong, but very funny!


JP said...

That's the best description of guy humor vs. girl humor I've ever seen. I'm referring Sharkey to your post whenever she gives me "that look" for watching Family Guy & American Dad. I have another one for you. Guy humor - The Crotch Bat. Girl Humor - Rope on a stick.

April said...

Oh my GOD! I'm a guy!! How am I going to tell my husband?

Schell Family said...


guy humor=gross (most of the time!)

Leigh Ann said...

I would laugh at Rosie O'Donnell falling off a modeling runway and farting really loud upon impact.

Man, that would be funny...

Leigh Ann said...

Okay, the T-shirt = GUY HUMOR.

BethnJuice said...

I actually laughed out loud at "Nashville?"'s comment. How does that rate into your humor observations? :P