Monday, December 10, 2007

Kubler-Ross Model...and an Otherwise Great Weekend

I need to recover from a great weekend...had a date with Claire on Friday night: dinner at The Monastary and a movie (Don't go see Beowulf...don't even rent it. Really quite silly). We watched Elf on Saturday morning...I golfed all afternoon...We went to a party on Saturday night with some friends. We played Pictionary and Quelf. Both were a lot of fun...Even found time to get a cup of coffee and stroll around downtown P-Towne Sat evening, watching Santa arrive via fire boat and then following him in a parade.

Sunday was a bit longer, church was good, but run/walking 18-miles is a big frigg'n commitment (4 1/2 hours of constant movement) and now my legs hurt. I am concerned about this 20-miler we are supposed to pull off in 2 weeks.


I have realized that during the longer runs we are undertaking at about mile 15 you start going through the 5 stages of grief...the same ones many people experience during a loss...

Denial: The initial stage: "I don't think anyone can go this far."
Anger: "Why ME? It's not fair! This is stupid. Dumb marathon. I can't believe how mad I am at Pamela for suggesting we do this!"
Bargaining: "Just let me live through this. I want to see my child(ren) graduate. Heck, I just want to be able to function well enough to have kids one day. Please God make this end...I'll do anything."
Depression: "I'm so tired, why do I bother even doing this? It is not like I can really do it. I think I will just turn around and go to bed where it is safe and warm."
Acceptance: "We only have a mile left and I am going to make it. It is going to be okay. As a matter of fact, I have so much energy I can double-time it to the finish. I did it! I did it!"

The bad part is, in 2 weeks I will be going through these stages yet again...Stupid training...


Anyone up for a 1/2 triathlon next summer? It can't be as bad as this marathon thing...can it?

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