Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 25th Recap

Coffee and Stockings are how my Christmas morning started...and it just keep getting better from there...My good buddy (who may or may not be the infamous Teddy) drove in from NC on Christmas Eve and spent the day at my place with Claire and me...We had so much fun!

The stockings were full of really cool things like styrofoam airplanes, fart whistles, magazine subscriptions, loofahs, liqueur and even this really cool book...I can't wait to make a water bomb, tan a hide, and build a go-cart!

We raced our new drifting cars and generally busted them buddy's front axle broke about 2 minutes before he left to drive back home...I think the two things might be related.

In the afternoon, we had some friends over for dinner...A honey ham, green bean casserole, Yiftee's, and Yellow Corn Grits adorned our table...for dessert we had homemade cookies, brownies, and the best Egg-Nog Ever!!

The day ended perfectly with Claire and I alone, sitting on the couch, grazing on leftovers and watching the Nativity Story (which, by the way, was very well done and we enjoyed it a lot...looking forward to watching it again next year!).

It was a wonderful day that had some wonderful traditions started (watching Nativity Story) and others carried on (eating Yiftee's) and a day that was almost perfect. Yes, Claire and I both spoke of missing our families...A LOT. This, being my first Christmas away from the fam in SoCal, was difficult at times, but I managed...I was surrounded by great friends, great food, and an even better woman!

I am sad that Christmas is over...I love the 4-5 weeks between the fourth Thursday in November and December 25th...the lights, the wishing people "Merry Christmas" and general festivity that seems to surround everything I get into...It will be missed again, but I am relieved to know that it is only 11 months away again!


On Thursday, Claire and I are off to Copenhagen, Denmark...we are going to see my good friends Jeff & Dorthe for New Year's. We are so figg'n excited...we have a new portable DVD player to use on the flight (Thanks Janet & Marty!), exit row seating (Thanks Continental Gold Card), and an adventure waiting to be had. I think there will be a day in Sweden, a short hop to Germany, and a lot of walking around the cool city of Copenhagen. It is cold (try 30's with snow flurries), but we will manage. Hot Toddy's and steaming coffee will be mandatory.


With all that being written, let me wish all 3 of my readers a very MERRY CHRISTMAS for one last time...Happy New Year seems a bit premature...


Stacey said...

Hope that scruff on your face at least helps keep you warm in Copenhagen!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Only 3 of us? Are you kidding? Your blog deserves at least 4 readers!! :-)

Sounds like you had an awesome day - have an amazing time abroard and take pics of any European Wieners you see! (I mean dogs - get your mind out of the gutter!)


kpellatiro said...

(I wasn't going to say anything but Stacy started it) My homeless American friend flying to Copenhagen is cool. Then again I really only know that Scandanavia is worth 4 armies :-)

WILLIAM said...

Have a safe trip.

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

Hey, have a safe trip. I am glad you had a great Christmas. Sometimes good friends are just as good as crazy family. We'll see ya when you get back.

PS- Your lady friend...hubba hubba!

Bogart in P Towne said...

Thanks Stace...I am so happy that the scruff can finally be seen!

WWW- I did see only one Weiner...I mean was long haired and clearly freezing...No picture though, I did no act fast enough. are just jealous that your beard does not look as cool as this red monstrosity on my face!

William...thanks. It was Great!!! friends may be crazy, but the fam takes the cake!