Monday, October 29, 2007

Alright, who called the cops?

This Saturday night, I went to a party with some was great, even Dwight and Angela (The Office) showed up!

As you can see, they were very happy to be there and clearly they got dressed up for the occasion.

I was a bit sad for them since so few recognized who they were. Some thought Dwight was just a "computer nerd" and Angela was just a "librarian"...they even started singing "Hot for Teacher" despite Dwight's objections...

The party got out of hand at that point and the cops had to be called .

As you can see, the cops in Virginia are very different than the cops in San Diego. Not sure how they get all of them to dress like that, but I bet Steve might not have left the SDPD if he got to wear outfits like that for work each day!!!

Luckily for everyone at the party and with the help of an off-duty pimp, Dwight and the Madam Police Officer were able to finally subdue the ruckus, return an escaped prisoner to his cell and Dwight fulfilled his duty as Volunteer Deputy Sheriff and Assistant to the Regional Manager.


Stacey said...

Really?....that's the best costume you could come up with? I expect so much more from you :)!

kpellatiro said...

I thought that WAS Steve... as Balboa John?

Jeremy said...

Fact: Bears, Beets, Battle Star Galatica.

Jeremy said...

Question: Who the hell is the Taulbeeze? Is the circus in town?

The Taulbeezee said... the Best Kind of Potato...FALSE...the Sweet Potato is not a potato at is the only edible member of the merrigold family.

Beets Rule!