Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So trivial...

I am sitting here ready to give you guys a little update...some links to the blogs I am reading...the way I spent my Monday night...the first beer drink I have ever enjoyed...even some photos, but it just seems so trivial when I am watching San Diego news and seeing my stomping grounds burning. I know a few who have been evacuated, including my brother. The good news is that his house is not in harms way yet, but since the city may not be able to provide emergency services, he and his wife have been asked to leave. Very inconvenient, but better than the alternative. So far so good for most of my friends and family. Some discomfort, but no major loss yet.

Praying for all of you back home...OC, SD, LA...looks like it will be a long week.

Edit at 1134am Eastern...here is a link of resources and discussion about the fires in SD.


Scott said...

True bro, I'm very concerned for my SD peeps. I'm going to the Depot tonight and buying respirators to take back with me. it can't hurt.

kpellatiro said...

I have checked in with a few in SD and keep hearing good news so far. Bunches of evacuations of friends, but safe and sound so far.

Still, I can't let your beer comment go and Scott shouldn't either (the caring for the needy gets him an obvious pass).

I am no beer drinker, but does "Bouquet of freshly harvested cherries; sparkling, smooth, fruity and refreshing, finishing dry. Style—Cherry Lambic. Color—Rose" really count??

Can you even throw darts with a cherry in your beer???!!?!

The Taulbeezee said...

In my defense, I did call it a "Beer Drink". Plus, you should be proud of me Kevin. I am stepping up in the world. No more Virgin Margarita's, AppleTini's and Scooby Snacks for this man.

kpellatiro said...

Cosmopolitan "straight up" is conspicuously missing from that entry. I'm not saying, I'm just saying - but I am way proud that "hold the 'tini" can be dropped from our banter.