Wednesday, October 24, 2007

5am back East...

The buzzer goes off at 5am...I thought that was early on the West Coast, but it is WAY earlier on the East Coast...I think the bars were just closing in San Diego when I woke wonder I did not see any cabs.

To Run.

You were wondering why I was up at 5am. It was to run. I can hear what you are thinking.

Yes, I am fully dressed as I am writing this. Stop asking questions and read.

The world is a little different at 5am.

It is still dark outside (the lack of street lamps here is a bit disturbing)...the coffee cart lady is not as chipper as she is at 8am (I also notice that her facial tick is not as pronounced)...their are not cars driving by with any regularity (although I love to see the vacuum truck drive by and suck up the leaves)...

It is quiet.

No birds chirping, no horns honking, no ferry boat steam blows...just quiet. It is nice. The quiet is nice.

I recommend it once in a while. Not everyday. And not necessarily to run (that makes it hard), but just once in a while, go to bed a little early, set the alarm for 5am, get up, and go spend sometime in the neighborhood. You might be surprised at how quiet it is.

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