Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fire update and more...

Well, James and Sabra have headed back home, despite the Mandatory Evacuation Orders still being in effect for their neighborhood..."The humidity is up, it is 20 degrees cooler, and the wind is blowing inland" he says.

Steve, Stacey and the girls are out of their home...or maybe they are back in. You can follow their experience here. Stacey even put some pictures up.

If you are interested in road closures, evacuation orders, and general happenings in the SD fires, here is a constantly updated blog from SignOnSanDiego...makes me wonder how Sarah (she works for SignOn) and Dan are doing.

While we are at it, I mentioned yesterday that I had some things I was reading and put links, but I provided no information...So if you scroll down, you will see the first link is...oh you can probably figure it out on your own...I trust you. You can handle things, you are smart!

I found this today as I was sipping my second cup-of-joe...a little bitter after sitting in the french press for a couple of hours...The link is a constant running of pictures being added, in real time, to I guess the story behind it is:

"Shortly after Blogger launched photo uploading two years ago, one of our engineers whipped up a web page that would show us the pictures that were being uploaded in real time. The result was fun, often beautiful, but above all, compelling. We couldn’t stop watching.Over the years we’ve kept this photo scroller as part of the Blogger offices, on a monitor or projector, as an interesting (distracting?) slideshow, and a reminder of the diversity and vivaciousness of Blogger blogs. The fame of the scroller spread within Google, until one day we were asked, “so, when are you launching this?”“Um...,” we replied. But we knew a good idea when we heard one. We got our UI people to come up with buttons and fadey effects and we got our engineers to make the whole thing fast and robust. "

It is cool. I like seeing some of the pictures that are important to people. If you see an interesting one, you can click on it and you will be taken to the corresponding blog post. If you want more in depth info, you can read the FAQ's here.

Yes, I promise more pictures are coming soon. My lawyer is still approving all of them and she is really back-logged. She promises to have the copyright issue and all legal mumbo-jumbo cleared and will let me post my photos before long...until then, enjoy this random piece of art:


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