Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Drifting Mind

I find my thoughts often think of him.

Sometimes they are memories of hoping in the car or working on some chores. Other times I am reminded of how he treated her and how much he loved life.

Mostly they are of random things that really don't make much sense.

How I was amazed that he never would wear shorts...How his hair had a cowlick in the exact same spot mine does...How he always took his coffee black...How he took a nap every day...His little, practical jokes.

I don't know why those things still strike me. I don't understand why he is the one that pops into my head so often.

Well, I guess that is a lie. I know.

He was the most influential person in my life.

The pain of his loss has faded, but the disappointment of him not being around is still very real.


WILLIAM said...

Touching post.

(dude, I am so digging your hair in that pic)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bogart!

I love this post! What I feel in my heart about my DADDY-you put in words! We know they're both smiling in Heaven!!!

Momma Lou from Louisiana

leighann said...

I clicked on all the links in this post and loved every one of 'em.

Very sweet...and I think we can all relate to it.
I love that he was a WWII vet. I have a special place in my heart for members of the Greatest Generation.

WILLIAM said...

Where you at?

MaBunny said...

Hey there Bogart, was plowing through the posts I've missed and came across this one. It is very sweet and touching. Read a similar post I did about my dad here

the effects of long-term isolation said...

I understand completely. I always will.