Monday, July 27, 2009

Claire and I Have a Kid!!

Claire's birthday was yesterday and it was a great day for me!

We had driven up to DC (via a car dealership in for clunkers worked for me...more on that later this week) to celebrate her birthday. We woke up Sunday morning, ate at a great little French Bakery/Bistro (the same one as July 4, 2008) and went to the National Zoo. Then we took Anthony Bourdain's recommendation and stopped at a fish market to get some fresh crabs. (No William...not that kind of crabs!)
Then we headed off to Nationals' Ballpark to watch the Padres play the Nationals.

While we were at the park, Claire over heard a security guard talking about kids running the bases after the game...her eyes lit up. "I want to go on the field" she says. Problem was, to the best of our knowledge, we don't have kids. But the couple behind us had 3 of them and offered to let us borrow one.

So yea, we ended up on the field.
Happy Birthday to Claire (and yay for me!)
***UPDATE 11:40am)***
The Calypso Music has started again this morning...he opened with some free form song, but he has added a mike and a louder speaker, so now I get to hear him sing!


for a different kind of girl said...

Having someone give you a child ranks right up there as one of the best ways to become a parent. No weird pregnancy hormones, paying for new tennis shoes every couple of months, no college tuition, and since the other parents gave him to you, no kidnapping charges! Yeah!

sari said...

your wife cracks me up, classic!

MaBunny said...

Oh looks and sounds like you had a blast. Sorry the music has begun again - you need to invest in a good set of earplugs;))

WILLIAM said...

Very cool that a stranger lent you their kid.

Patience said...

Did they make you keep the kid??

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Can't wait to send you the prize pacakage you won. You are so damn confident that now you've got me convinced you're winning!

Hallie :)

JP said...

Nice score on the kid. All the benefits with none of the responsibilities!