Friday, September 26, 2008

A Great Day for Claire!

Claire started her job about a year and 1/2 ago...she was promoted in 3 months, then promoted again 6 months later.

This past March, her boss left the company and she started picking up the slack. She worked very hard and clearly produced amazingly good results.

This morning was her review. It went well. Very well.


Claire's old boss had an office in the executive suite. All the execs at her company are in a separate corner of the building, with glass offices, noise cancelling technology and a little kitchen. When he left, it was the first exec office to open up in years. There was only one available.

Claire has been mentioning that maybe it would make sense for her to move over there since her job is an executive job and she has to spend a lot of time going back and forth from her side of the building into the exec's side for approvals, discussions and getting her job done. The back and forth does take a lot of time during the day and she is not always part of the impromptu discussions that would allow her to have advantages in the marketplace. The execs were having none of it. She already had a nice office with a little view. There was no reason to move her in there. She is not senior enough. She held on to the hope that she might get moved in there sometime.

Two days ago, someone started to move some boxes into the empty exec office. Claire was not going to get it. She did not know who was moving in, but it was clear that the office had been assigned...and it was not her. She was very sad.


Her review, as I mentioned, went very well...

First, they promoted her from "AVP" to VP...that little "A" getting dropped was a HUGE jump in her company. Making her an official executive at the company.

Second, she can now be my sugar the way that I have become accustomed.

Third, she got the last office in the executive suite. Her boss moved some boxes in there this week to deek her. I love him. He cracks me up.


CONGRATULATIONS CLAIRE!!! I am so happy for you! I love you!

Wanna be my sugar momma?


for a different kind of girl said...

Wow! That's a testament to some great, hard work! Congratulations to Claire!

juice said...

Congratulations, Claire!!

Schell Family said...

Congratulations Claire....!

Hate to think what that means about YOUR return to San Diego, but I'm thrilled for her :)!

WILLIAM said...

Cogratulations Claire.

And to you too sugar baby.

Mabunny said...

Woot congrats to you Claire! and to you too Sugar Baby for being so supportive of her!

Stacie said...


Katelin said...

aw that's so exciting. congrats claire, woo woo.

Kimmy said...

Yeah Claire! That is great news!!!!


Amy said...

Awesome, Claire! I hope Bogart doesn't think he can retire now! lol

Practically Joe said...

Congrats Claire ... Now that you're a big shot in the company you'll be needing some assistants, right? I can get your coffee, take memos and and do errands. Where can I send my resume?

Sue said...

Excellent news!