Monday, September 15, 2008


This weekend Claire and I were discussing our "foodie" mentality...trying to decide whether or not we would really be considered "Foodies" are our qualifications:

1. We appreciate good food.
2. We cook with "background flavors".
3. We critique food and how it is cooked, especially at higher end restaurants.
4. We ate Fois Gras in San Diego and it was one of the most amazing things we have ever tasted. We also know that we won't order it at many places because we can't be bothered unless it is going to be amazing.
5. We look down upon cooking with an electric stove (even though that is what I have in my apt).
6. I don't like to cook for people, I like to "create meals" for them.
7. Layering texture and flavor is not a foreign concept in my kitchen.
8. I don't like to buy fruits or veggie's from the regular grocery store.

Here are the reasons we are not sure we can hold that title:

1. We are very happy eating Chick Fil-a, Burger King and Costco...
2. We eat street food every chance we can.
3. I make dinners like Ritz Crackers with Pickles.
4. I may or may not be guilty of putting mayo on french fries.
5. Claire may or may not be guilty of putting mayo on her ramen noodles.
6. We eat mamwhich sloppy joes on cheap wheat bread (dinner on Sunday).
7. We get giddy over pot lucks.
8. We don't mind hospital food.

So what do you think? Are we foodies?


for a different kind of girl said...

You are foodies with a subtle hint of unpretentious non-foodie lingering in the deeper layers of the dish. The Costco (mmmm...Costco hot dogs...) clinches it for you!

Schell Family said...

I say....Foodie with a white trash bent!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Wait...doesn't eating mamwiches automatically make you a foodie? I thought mamwiches were high class!!

Hallie :)

Mabunny said...

MMMm Manwich.... with cheese...
Ramen noodles sounds good to me, sans the mayo though,and ritz crackers and pickles? I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with that:)

rs27 said...

If Chick FilA and ramen noodkes don't make you a foodie, then I am also out.

Katelin said...

i'd say yes to foodiness, at least more of a foodie than i am.

Kimmy said...

I put peanut butter on just about anything. And, I think that cheese out of a spray can is just the best thing since sliced bread! What does that make me? Never mind...don't answer that!


Becky said...

I agree with Schell Family,

White trash foodie is the more appropriate title. :)

Too funny.

I hate pot lucks...I always seem to get the hair...barf.

The Maid