Monday, May 11, 2009

Hang on Sloopy

10-days ago I went and saw THE BOSS in concert for the first time.

I have never been the big fan. I have enjoyed his music some, but I never bought any of his albums (even though I own over 600) and never really appreciated his work.

Then a couple of months ago, Claire's boss invited me to see him in concert. I am always up for a road trip, so I jumped in. I prepared by borrowing 10 Springsteen CD's and listening to them in heavy rotation. I was very surprised to realize, I like a lot of his music...especially the stuff that did not get radio play.

Concert day arrived, 4 hour drive, 2 hour wait, then BADLANDS!

I was on my feet, clapping, dancing and singing the few words I knew.

One song in and I was hooked. I became a Springsteen fan that night.

Even with The Boss appearing to be sick most of the concert (Pig Flu?) he put on a good show. He even played a cover of Hang On Sloopy. Yes, that Hang On Sloopy.

Great show, good times.


Drove 4 hours home after the concert and got in a bit after 3am. I tried to crawl into bed as quietly as I could, but I bumped Claire and that woke her up.

No problem, she usually goes right back to sleep...not tonight. I was tired (it was after 3am!) and she wanted to hear all about it.

I sorta obliged. Through my sleep induced stupor I think I told her something like:

Fun drive, music loud, hang on sloopy, dance, good times...


If anyone is curious (You Boss fans are), here is the set list for the night:

Setlist:Badlands (w/ Jay Weinberg)
Radio Nowhere (w/ Jay Weinberg)
Outlaw Pete (w/ Jay Weinberg)
No Surrender (w/ Jay Weinberg)
Working on a Dream (w/ Jay Weinberg)
Seeds (w/ Jay Weinberg)
Johnny 99 (w/ Jay Weinberg)
The Ghost of Tom Joad (w/ Jay Weinberg)
Raise Your Hand (w/ Jay Weinberg)
Seventh Son
Hang on Sloopy
Growin' Up
I'm on Fire
Waitin' on a Sunny Day
The Promised Land
Human Touch
Kingdom of Days
Lonesome Day
The Rising
Born to Run
Cadillac Ranch
* * *
Hard Times (w/ Jay Weinberg)
Thunder Road (w/ Jay Weinberg)
Tenth Avenue Freeze-out (w/ Jay Weinberg)
Land of Hope and Dreams (w/ Jay Weinberg)
American Land (w/ Jay Weinberg and Frank Bruno, Jr.)
Glory Days (w/ Jay Weinberg)


rs27 said...

Do yourself a favor and listen to "The River". My favorite Bruce song.

And its not a true Bruce concert unless he mentions Jersey 42 times.

Nashville? said...

Did HE celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

The Charming Hedonist said...

Ah, Springsteen. He's one of the few good things to come out of New Jersey.

Debra W said...

So glad to know that you are no longer a Springsteen virgin!(opps, did I say that?) Now you know why I have seen The Boss over twenty times in the past twenty eight years! My first experience was New Year's Eve 1979/1980. Incredible!!!!

How fun it was to FINALLY hear about your experience! I am smiling as I'm typing this!(as I know my beloved brother is, too!) Welcome to the club, my friend! Now you must take Claire when you can! Thanks for the set list. He opened with Badlands! Awesome! My husband and I have created another generation of Springsteen fans! We took our girls to see him a few years ago.