Sunday, April 12, 2009

The First Excuse

It was a valid excuse. The headache. It passed muster last week.

On Thursday night we played was our first team practice.

Claire was on first base and playing like a champ. She caught anything and everything that came her way. A stud. Surefire MVP candidate for 2009 Young Ninja Krew (YNK Kickball team). But late in the practice, the unthinkable happened...our budding star got into a collision with another player. A new teammate. We will call her the executioner.

She looked like Scotty Pippen. Not the Executioner, Claire.

She never cried. Never fell down. Never blacked out.

It just looked like the top of her head was smuggling a golf ball.

If it did not hurt so bad, it would have been funny.

My wife is a champ.


Patience said...


The Charming Hedonist said...

You're on a kickball league? This is me, jealous.

leighann said...


Claire rocks.
I love that she took it like a woman.

I almost got a chance to swing by with Mrs. Lou and meet the two of you over the weekend! I'm SOOOO sad I wasn't able to make it. I probably would have hugged you both super tight and completely monopolized your personal space; I feel like I know you so well.
Blogs are weird like that.
Or maybe I'm weird like that.'s the blog.

Katelin said...

yikes that sounds painful. claire is a rock star.