Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nevada, The Opportunity Abounds

Good morning from the land of Sex, Drugs and Vaudeville Acts.

Claire and I are both in Vegas this week for a convention.

I wanted to check in to make sure that Claire's mom knows we are alive.


Also wanted to pass along one request...specifically for those of you with Blackberry's...

When you are on the toilet, please put the blackberry away. There is no need for me to be hearing the click-click of your pint size keyboard or the yammering away on the cell while you are dropping a deuce.


Claire and I are getting married in 3 weeks. I might be getting a bit excited.


Katelin said...

i can't believe your wedding is so soon! so exciting!

MaBunny said...

Ok, I just about spit my drink all over my keyboard with that blackberry comment!bwahahahaha.

I promise not to do that! cause I don't own a blackberry:))

Yay! for the upcoming wedding - pictures pictures pictures!

JP said...

Exciting times! You'll never smile so much in one day as you will in 3 weeks. Play some Wheel of Fortune in Vegas!

I also think the Blackberry in the bathroom is an issue. I purposely flush the hyper toilets in there multiple times when I hear people talking. It's my way...

Patience said...

Ooooh! Congrats!!

WILLIAM said...

Hell...just so you know...I will from now on..only comment on this site using my blackberry while i am in the bathroom.

LvL said...

OH MY GOD! I am so excited for you! Still a little jealous that Claire gets you, but so excited!

sari said...


I found you through Poop and Boogies (aptly enough!).

When I'm in a public restroom and people are on their phones, I like to flush the toilet about 8 times so the person on the other end of the phone can hear it.

I know, it's horrible.

Congratulations on getting married soon!

Leigh Ann said...

I peed once while doing an interview over the phone. The job was in New Orleans; I was still in Memphis.
I'm so used to doing 10 things at once, it didn't even occur to me that he could hear me peeing. I completely lost my train of thought because I was so focused on trying to stop mid-stream.

So yeah, I'm still job-hunting.