Monday, February 23, 2009

Extra Mustard on the Sandwich, Please

Claire has been volunteering through the United Way and teaching a class of 8th graders about economics. A couple times a week she goes into a classroom and plays games and life scenarios with these kids.

Last week, she was teaching them about choices in life. How much money you make will dictate some of the choices you are able to make. It was a lesson on budgeting and how to spend money wisely.

During this class, Claire was asked about how much money she made. She declined to answer that, but the kids kept pressing her.

"Miss Claire, what kind of car do you drive?"

"I drive a Honda Civic" she answered.

"Miss Claire, where do you live?"

"I live in P-Towne."

"Miss Claire, do you own your house?"

"No, I rent an apartment."

This was enough for one of the bright kids to deduce: "Miss Claire, you must be poor and not have a very good job."

She was a bit taken aback, but explained to them that she likes to spend her money on things other than a fancy car or big house on the beach. She prefers things like eating out and traveling often. "In fact," she explained, "I am going to Aruba in two weeks and staying in a nice hotel on the beach."

Quizzical looks permeated the room. Some whispers and shifting in chairs. Finally, one little girl raised her hand:

"Miss Claire, I am confused, isn't Aruba a sandwich?"


Patience said...

I'd like mayo, no mustard, on my Aruba.

for a different kind of girl said...

I enjoy my Arubas with extra pickles and some salt and pepper. Delish!

rs27 said...

Honda Civic, always getting a bad rap.

I won't stand for that any longer

WILLIAM said...

That is exactly the reason I like to go to Manhattan.....easy on the vermouth

JP said...

I'd like to order an Aruba with provolone please.

Super Mega Dad said...

And they say that our schools are lacking in basic skill sets these days. I say "pooh on them!". There's some FINE future Subway workers right there! Jared would be proud. :)