Monday, February 16, 2009

Two Lists

In college, my buddies and I had two lists that were kept...these lists were written down, tracked and taken seriously. If you wanted to change an entry on your list, a meeting had to be called and the majority of list participators had to be present.

Those lists were called the Desert Island Five and the Get Off the Planet Five.

The Desert Island list were the 5 ladies (or in the girl's case, men) that you would want to be stuck on a desert island with. Rules were simple: 1. You cannot have a woman/man on your island if someone else already claimed him/her. 2. You could not include your "significant other". 3. You could pick someone from a specific era...for example, I might pick Audrey Hepburn circa 1960's as opposed to having her now...well, she is dead, but you get the point. 4. You had to have a Queen/King of the Island. This was your top banana.

So we had a draft and picked our inhabitants...there were changes over the years to the wonderful company we kept on our mythical island, but we kept the lists going and still make references to them.

The Get Off the Planet Five was a list containing the five people you would blast into outer-space, never to been seen or heard from again. The rules were very similar to the Desert Island list: 1. You cannot have a woman/man on your spaceship if someone else already claimed him/her. 2. You could not include people you personally know. 3. You had to have a driver of the spaceship. This was your first round draft choice. The one you would personally like to see disappear the most.


My lists? Well, if you insist.

Desert Island Five:
Queen: Alyssa Milano
Court: Elle MacPherson - Circa Early 90's
Court: Stephanie Seymour
Court: Charlize Theron
Court: Donna Reed - 1946

Get Off the Planet Five:
Pilot: Gloria Estefan (She has been the pilot since day 1)
Crew: Leonardo DiCaprio
Crew: Rosie O'Donnell
Crew: Jesse Jackson
Crew: The Amazing Jonathon - He earned the right to be on this list!

So with that explanation and confession, I am curious, who is on your Island and who is on your Spaceship? Remember, you can't pick someone that has already been picked.


gigglepotamus said...

Desert Island:

1. Ben Folds (king)
2. John Cusack
3. Albert Einstein
4. Henry Ian Cusick
5. Conan O'Brien


1. Rush Limbaugh (cap'n)
2. Michael Jackson
3. Ann Coulter
4. Joan Rivers
5. Joey Buttafuco

Is it wrong that the second list was so much easier than the first?

I'm a fan of Toad the Wet Sprocket, too, BTW.

WILLIAM said...

I was afraid to answer but since I see that my wife already is my list.

1.Jane Seymour
2. Ariel (from the Little Mermaid..I know sh is animated but she is hot.)
3. Kate Hepburn Cir--1930's 40's
4. Lucille Ball Cir 1940's
5. Smanth Bee (forn the daily show)


1. Ben Fold
2. John Cusack
3. Albert einstein
4. Henry Ian Cusick
5. Conan Obrien

Mindy said...

Desert Island:

King: John Krasinski
Court: Jake Gyllenhaal
Court: Anderson Cooper
Court: Dr. House
Court: Dr. Wilson from House

Rocket Ship:

Driver: Robert Pattinson
Crew: Octuplet Mom
Crew: Michael Jackson
Crew: Madonna
Crew: Kim Kardashian

Mindy said...

Rats, I see now gigglepotamus picked Michael Jackson. So I will replace michael Jackson with Bikini Girl.

JP said...

1. Kate Beckinsale (Queen)
2. Ali Larter
3. Martina McBride
4. Stephanie Sparks
5. Olivia Munn

1. Rosie O'Donnell (CAPTN)
2. Richard Simmons
3. Al Franken
4. Johnny Miller
5. Michael Vick

Sterg said...

Ok you know mine already, but there are updates
1) Scarlett Johansson
2) Jessica Biel
3) Jessica Alba
4) Giada DiLaurentiis
5) Megan Fox

you might ask where is Kathy Ireland? well, I've actually seen her now. Meh...

Coffee Bean said...

Ummmm... I don't have those lists and would have to think awhile to come up with them.

I don't know who Stephanie.. oh gosh, I already forgot the last name is... or Jonathan the amazing or whatever it was. Is it because I'm old? Cause... I feel kinda old right now.

LeighAnn said...


1. John Legend (king)
2. Conan O'Brien (gigglepotamus can't have him. Period.)
3. Kurt Warner
4. Reggie Bush
5. Ryan Reynolds


1. All the women from The View (captains)
2. Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)
3. Jeremy Piven
4. Jay Leno
5. Suzy Orman

Does Mindy know that Anderson Cooper is gay? If I'm on a deserted island, I want to do more than just play cards.
I'm just saying...

Mindy said...

He is not gay! :( Is he really?

leighann said...


Yeah, sorry Mindy. :(

Trust me, I'm just as disappointed as you are! I bought the Vanity Fair when he was on the cover in 2006. I actually propped it up on my dresser so I could stare at him at will.
But yes, he's gay. He's not officially "out," so maybe there's still time to catch him while he's fakin' it.

Beth said...

Hahahaha! William, your spaceship list is brilliant! :P

Here's mine (at the moment)
Desert Island:
1. Matt Damon (captain)
2. Brett Favre
3. Johnny Depp
4. Matthew McConaughey
5. Adam Goldberg

1. Hilary Clinton
2. Hugh Heffner
3. Paris Hilton
4. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
5. Tatiana

I also agree with gigglepotamus - second list was much easier than the first.

Beth said...

btw - who's on Claire's list?

April said...

Oooh this is fun!

Island 5:

1. Daniel Craig (especially if he brings the blue trunks)
2. Clive Owen
3. James McAvoy
4. Bradley Cooper
5. David Letterman (What? He's funny.)

Lost in Space:

1. The entire cast of the Hills (Captains)
2. The obnoxious girl at work who spends her whole day texting or looking in the mirror.
3. Oprah
4. Ryan Seacrest
5. My next door neighbor who starts working on his landscaping at 5:00 in the morning. ON A SATURDAY!
Alternates: Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds and Beyonce.

TaraMetBlog said...

never heard of a get off the planet list, very funny.

Far far away:

1. Tara Reid (she ruins the Tara name)
2. Perez Hilton
3. Paris Hilton
4. Ryan Seacrest
5. Oprah (but i know she does a lot of good tho, so I'd feel guilt about it)