Friday, January 9, 2009

Goofy...Who's Goofy? We are Goofy.

Last night, Claire and I boarded a flight for Orlando.

We flew down because we are glutton for punishment...or we are just idiots.

On Saturday morning we will be boarding a bus at 330am to go to Disney!! Woohoo...Disney.

Unfortunately it will be to run 13.1 miles. We will be back in the hotel room by 9am, catching up on our sleep.

Then on Sunday morning, we are GOING TO DISNEY!!! At 330am to run 26.2miles.

This Disney Goofy Challenge...a marathon and 1/2 in 2 days. We are dumb.

How is your weekend looking?


Congrats to my New Real Life Friend William at Poop and Boogies...

He and his wife Lauren had a beautiful baby boy this week.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

But what about Space Mountain? And Main Street USA? And an ice cream shaped like Mickey?

You're skipping all that to RUN???????????



Stacie said...


Practically Joe said...

Sometimes you guys do some crazy things.
You fly here ... you fly there.
You drive here ... you drive there.
You're visiting.
You're vacationing.
You're going to parties.
You're going to weddings.
You ever home?

for a different kind of girl said...

Or do you mean you're actually Dumbo?


Good luck! Hope you survive enough to take in some fun afterward!

Leigh Ann said...

to reiterate something I've said to you before AND to combine it with both subjects of your post:

Congrats to William & Lauren--I'd rather give birth than run a marathon.

Katelin said...

ohmygosh that's intense. good luck!

MaBunny said...

wow, that sounds like too much running to me, of course I probably might not say that if I could actually run, lol. Even if I could run I think that would be too much;) good luck and have fun!

JP said...

Run Bogart Run!! Best of luck to you and Claire. Wear those Goofy medals with pride on Sunday!

WILLIAM said...

If I did that..I would be Grumpy

AirmanMom said...

I'm not a runner, but both of my sons were cross-country runners in high school. My youngest son still runs a lot now.
Have fun!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

April said...

De lurking to say my sister and her husband ran the 1/2 marathon today! Well good luck and have a blast!

kimmy said...

I agree with Hallie...although if there was an ice cream shaped liked Mickey at the end, I might run to it.


I love your dedication!


kimmy said...

Are you and Claire still running?

Just checking :-)


WILLIAM said...

Hello...internet boyfriend?..Where have you been? Its been like 5 or so days since your last post...whats up with that? Was it something I said? Are you going to give me the "it's not you it's me" speach?