Monday, December 15, 2008

Will You Stop Touching Me!!

I walked through the mall on Friday afternoon and was amazed.

No, not at the crowds...It really was not all that bad.

No, not the sales...I actually was shocked that more things were not on bigger discounts.

It was the pushy sales people.

I was accosted no less than 9 times walking from Nordstroms to the front door.

"Sir, can I ask you a question." No you may not.

"Sir, c'mere a second, I would like to show you something." I bet you would missy, but I don't think Claire would appreciate it very much (what? I looked good. What else could she be asking me about?)

"Sir, can you spare a moment? I want to show you this body lotion." Oh my goodness. When did the mall become the den of Hussies?

"Sir, do you live in Virginia? You do? Well, do I have a deal for you! All you have to do is take off your shirt and flex"


I might have made that last part up.


Claire and I got a Christmas card from some friends and it was a very nice picture of the two of them and their dog. It was a very nice picture and it prompted Claire to decide it would be good for us to send out our first card. So, we spend a couple hours Saturday night (I know, we party like rock stars) picking out the best pictures to put on the card, design it on (I heart Costco) and ordering...On Sunday, we picked up the cards and Claire was so excited. The pictures look great and we spent 2 hours addressing and stamping cards last night.

So, Bogart and Claire are sending out our very first Christmas cards together.


Very excited about this week...I have 2 interviews, plus a Tuesday trip to DC to see some very good friends that live in Denmark, a dinner in P-Towne with those very same friends on Wednesday night, an appointment with my personal Nordstroms shopper and finally a flight to Vegas for a long weekend with the Fam.


MaBunny said...

I havne't been to a mall in a long time.. thanks for reminding me why I don't go to them anymore.
I think making Christmas cards are fun, gratz on your first 'couple' card:)
Have a great day!

for a different kind of girl said...

That Christmas card activity will surely have you prepped for the wedding invitation process that surely must be starting soon!

WILLIAM said...

I feel bad for those Mall Snake Oil sales people. I stop and listen for a minute and then I say no thanks.

If they keep pushing the sale after I say no thanks then it is free game to mess with them.

"the body lotion that you are trying to sell...can I use it on my grundle."

Nashville? said...

Accosted, really? c'mon. For someone with a personal shopper on speed dial, don't they have proof that it works on said Bogart?

The Maid said...

I've been gone a while...job interviews? Are you job searching cuz you have to, or cuz you want to?

And hello..hope you post your Christmas card for us all to see! :)

I Heart Costco too.

The jealous Maid who wants some of your snow. :) (Not to be confused with a mall hussy who wants you to take off your shirt and flex.)

Katelin said...

i think victoria's secret has the pushiest sales associates, but they pretty much have to be i've learned. it's crazy pants though.

Leigh Ann said...

ALWAYS let those women show you the get a free arm massage, and you smell like coconut for the next 24-hours. It's a win-win. Or a win-lose if you don't buy it after...

Good luck on your interviews!

JP said...

Nordstrom personal shoppers are the bomb. Just make sure you call them by the proper title, "Shopping boy" or "Purchase girl." Best of luck on the interviews.