Friday, December 12, 2008

Thunder Thursday

Exciting Thursday 'round here...first, I got calls from most of Claire's family in the morning because South Louisiana looked like this:

Pretty cool, huh?!

The last time they had snow (Christmas 2004) Claire was in Iraq...the time before that? Claire was 12 years old.

This snow thing does not happen down there very often...guess Global Warming is finally taking hold.


The other Big Thing that happened on Thursday? Claire and I went to see the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy concert in Virginia Beach. It was a "Thank You" from the United Way for Claire serving on their board...

We had a blast. The music was great. The United Way even provided food before hand.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I love Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!! They put on a show while we were in Vegas. I had more fun people watching at the DECKED TO THE NINES audience members!!


for a different kind of girl said...

It is beautiful, but oh, how I wish the closest I came to snow was just photos!

WILLIAM said...

I am more of a Royal Crown revue guy.

Leigh Ann said...

I have a soft spot for The United Way. When my mom & dad wanted to adopt a baby in 1981, they were considered "too old" at 30. But dad was on the U.W. board, and Catholic Charities needed some $$ from U.Way. Catholic Charities signed the "it's okay for them to adopt a baby even though they're 30" form as a thank you for the grant my dad helped them get.

And now here I sit.

JP said...

Global warming in the house yo... El Nino and La Nina are doin' the tango causing the unseasonable weather. Or maybe it is continental drift. Or maybe it is the burping cows. Or all the Pam cooking spray people use.

Katelin said...

oooh yay for snow, woo.

Ashley said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the UW love, I hope we see you at the next YLS gathering!