Sunday, June 19, 2011

Name Fail

So Carter went on her first official outing...To Church.  It was a very nice way to say Happy Father's Day!

While there, she got a lot of attention.  Pastor said hello...friends checked her out...random people pinched her face...then there was the "Older Lady".

She made eye contact with me as I was holding Carter in the car seat.  She made a bee-line for us.  Checking out Carter, Older Lady smiled and ogled.  She looked at me and Claire and made small talk about how cute Carter was, how happy we all look, etc...then she got to the question:

"So, what is her name?"

"Carter Nicole"

pause...pause...eyes darting around...Older Lady says "Oh...hmmmm...Is that a family name?"

"Nope.  Just something we liked."

pause...pause...eyes darting around...Older Lady says "Huh...well, I guess you will just call her Nicky won't you."

pause...pause...eyes darting around...Claire said "Probably not.  We will probably stick with Carter."

Older Lady walked away.


Apparently Carter is a Name Fail for the "Greatest Generation".


Happy Father's day to all the Father's that had a big influence in my life and how I hope to be a daddy...

You know who you are.


April said...

You're going to get that everywhere you go. My daughter is named Mattingly. Yep, after Don Mattingly. And people just don't understand why, but we love it and that's all that matters. Carter is a BEAUTIFUL name! LOVE IT! :)

Katelin said...

ooh i love that name, it is quite different and fun. too bad that older lady didn't really get it, haha.