Friday, December 11, 2009

Heading home

Heading home today...whew. That was a long 9 days. Cold. Like -5 wind chill Thursday.

Can't wait to get to the balmy 45 in VA!


I love eating out, but 9 days in a row of every meal being eaten out sucks. Not gonna lie.


Why is it that every bathroom has a guy who insists on using the john while either texting or talking on the cellular? How hard is it to tap out for 5-10 mins? Dude, enjoy your private time.


Loving the new job. I enjoy being involved in "The Game" again. I missed being productive.


Have you seen the HBO Special featuring the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame performance yet? Amazing. Simply amazing. Watching Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel play...Metallica and Ozzy...U2 and Mick Jagger...and a whole host of others. If you like music, you have to watch it. Such a must see!!!

1 comment:

WILLIAM said...

I like to make loud noises in the bathroom if I know some one is on the phone.