Monday, December 28, 2009

Avatar and Tacky Cards

Claire and I saw Avatar last weekend. Silly story, but visually stunning. It is long (nearly 3 hours), but it did not drag that much. Think Independence Day or Armageddon.

Claire said that she has seen Avatar before, but it was called Fern Gully.

I think she has a very legit point.


Can I rant for a minute? Great...*Stepping on my soapbox*

I love Christmas cards. I love seeing what my friends are doing and the picture(s) that define their year.

I HATE when families send out cards with pictures of just their kids. You know which ones I am talking about...the ones that have just the kids sitting on Santa's lap or the kids frolicking in the sand during the family trip to Florida. The parents are missing from the picture. That is just wrong.

Listen, I love your kids. They are cute (well, most of them). I love to see how big they are getting. I think it is so cool that they are laughing and sitting up on their own.

But I am YOUR friend. I want to see what YOU are doing.

Please include a picture of the parents on the card. It is the right thing to do. If you don't, it is tacky. For those of you who do, thank you.

*Stepping off my soapbox*


I give Poop a pass, because his was funny and and had a legit reason to not include the parents.


WILLIAM said...

See my Brother Anon, thinks that the parents should not be in the pics. or maybe it is the other way around. But he also says a dog should never be in the pic.

I will not be in next years either. I am already planning.

MaBunny said...

I agree with you on some points of the picture thing, but admittedly some ARE cute, lol.
I've seen Fern Gully, so no need to see Avatar, right?

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Fern Gully was awesome!! Haven't decided if Avatar is in my future.

We sent a card out with ALL of us on it this year. What do we win???

Hallie :)

The Wilson Window said...

listen, i always do jack with santa on the card, no one wants nor needs to have a picture of me all huge and pregnant!!! seriously, it is not pretty. next year the card will be addressed to claire only :)

The Maid said...

I tend to omit myself on the card as well...who wants to see the results plastered on a card at Christmas time of exactly what 300 miniature white powdered donuts do to my butt.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

:) Maid
(PS - 300 over the course of the year...not in one sitting, mmkkay?)

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.