Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bring Me My Lychee

Our trip to the Second Happiest Place on Earth a couple of weeks ago was a wonderful time with Claire's family.

Having never spent time at Disney...except for that unusual situation in January, I was very excited to check out what people east of the Mississippi think is the Happiest Place on Earth.
And yes, we really did have a great time.
I am so blessed to have a family-in-law that I love to be with.
The Food and Wine portion of the Disney trip was a bit disappointing. The food and wine booths they had lining Epcot were interesting, but the few things we tried were: 1. Expensive 2. Average.
I know, I know...what should I expect. We are at a theme park where food should be expected to be: 1. Expensive 2. Average
I just thought that since it was "Food and Wine Expo" that it might be a bit different.
I will say, the amount of Lychee things I ate (mostly thanks to my wife finding them and bringing them home with her!!!) was fantast-i-licious! Gummies, hard candy, Sake, etc....yum, yum.
And if you have not tried a Lychee, you NEED to. A Lychee martini might be a good place to start.


WILLIAM said...

I would try anything followed by Martini.

MaBunny said...

I don't drink so a Martini is out of the question, but what is Lychee? never heard of it.. glad you had a great time at Disney. Never been there myself.