Monday, September 21, 2009

Girls are Wierd

Now that I am back coaching High School Girls Volleyball, I am putting together a list of things you never see/hear at a guys practice, but you see at a girls practice:

1. Skipping...guys don't skip. I don't think guys past the age of 9 skip. It really does not happen. Girls seem to skip until they are 80. My volleyball girls do it all the time...during practice. I say "Hustle-up, there is to much walking going on!" and they respond by skipping. What is that about?

2. Fixing hair...You are working out. I am pushing you pretty hard. Why are you fixing your hair while we jump on boxes? Why are you putting your ponytail in when we are running lines?

3. A player saying "I missed that hit because my hair got covered my eyes"...really? Weren't you just fixing your hair a minute ago when we were running lines? What the junk?

4. Crying during practice...I know, I have seen guys cry at practice, but that was because he got a note that said his dog had died, not because it was hard. Guys puke when practice gets really hard, girls cry.

5. Coordinated Cheerleading on the court. When a guy hits a good shot, the other guys high-five them or slap them on the butt...girls circle up and cheer. "Oh snap, beat that ace!" or "Roof, Roof, you just got Roofed"...hand motions to boot.


MaBunny said...

HAHA! I'll have to ask my younger cousin if she does any of those... shes on Varsity Vollleyball at her highschool - she is 17 and 6'2"!! Not sure if she would cry - I think she gets angry, lol.

Katelin said...

haha all of these are completely true of women volleyball players. the coordinated cheering was the best, haha.

The Wilson Window said...

girls high school volleyball? really? that scares the crap out of me!

sari said...

There's never a wrong time to be fixing your ponytail.

leighann said...

at least they're not texting.