Monday, June 15, 2009

Music, My Wife Rocks and SCOTUS...

Rebuilding my iTunes folder has become a mess. So many duplicate songs, so many lost albums and so much confusion. There are many benefits to having all of your music on CD and not in digital form. Sure the ability to carry your music anywhere you want at anytime is very nice, but if those bits and bites fail or you are a moron and delete most of your music, the resulting work and frustration is enormous.


Some of you were asking for a photo of Claire going head first into a puddle…here is as good as we got:


Just finished Jeffrey Toobin’s book The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court. Claire’s boss had given it to me to read after both his wife and another friend found it boring and were unable to get through the first 100 pages…what a ringing endorsement, eh?

Well, with my love of all things Supreme, I actually enjoyed the book. Sure, it was like when I watch the news, a lot of disagreeing with the sentiment, shaking my head in frustration and even an occasional outburst of yelling, but overall I loved the “Insider’s Picture” the author drew.

If you like the behind the scenes type of books AND have any interest in SCOTUS, then pick it up….just don’t blame me for the political and ideological rants that are throughout the book.


Cocotte said...

I just received an Ipod for my birthday last month. My son is training me; it's a bit overwhelming.

The book sounds.....different!

MaBunny said...

I probably couldn't make it thru the first 20 pages of that book, considering the political one in the family is my husband. I slept or goofed off thru most of my government classes! BORING, to me at least!If I need something explained i ask Chris, lol!
Love the picture

Anonymous said...

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